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our story

FEBE is a luxury women’s clothing boutique, founded by sisters Effie “Fe” Boihem and Bessie “Be” Barrios in 2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana. FEBE melds designer fashion with timeless wardrobe staples, helping women find their own distinct style through an expertly curated collection and a personalized shopping experience.

In the decades since FEBE first opened its doors, Effie and Bessie, along with their experienced team of stylists, are grateful to have created not only a shopping experience where women’s beauty and style are expertly highlighted, but also a welcoming, trusting community.


At FEBE, we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and head-to-toe styling for our loyal and beloved clientele. Whether in-store, online, or through virtual styling, we offer a luxury shopping experience for three generations of women who aim to look their best. From fashion-savvy shoppers seeking contemporary additions to enhance their well-honed personal style, to their daughters and granddaughters in search of the perfect ensemble for any occasion, we offer customized styling to help everyone translate current trends to their lifestyle, take style risks, and feel great.

While many luxury women’s clothing boutiques do not offer an extensive array of sizes, FEBE’s goal has always been to provide fashionable designer clothing that fits all customers. We love getting to know each of our customers on a personal level and dressing you for the important days in your lives — no matter your age or size.

Visit Us

474 Metairie Rd #102
Metairie, LA 70005

Monday to Saturday: 9 am—5 pm

Customer Service Line:
(504) 835-5724

Meet FEBE’s Founders

Effie Boihem


Born in Athens, Greece, Effie (called “Fe” by friends) and her sister were raised in New Orleans by their mom, who became a hardworking single parent after the untimely death of their father when the sisters were young. Imbued with a deep work ethic by both parents, Effie graduated with a degree in communications from the University of New Orleans, with the dream of becoming a sports announcer on ESPN. Yet when work opportunities brought her first to Peter Mayer Advertising and then the Chanel counter at Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans, her career turned toward fashion, ultimately founding FEBE in 2003. The boutique is a testament to the power of community and perseverance that was instilled in Effie and Bessie through their family’s story. Effie currently lives in Metairie with her husband, Donnie. 

Effie’s wish for friends of FEBE: “We wish that every customer loves their experience at FEBE. We want to build a friendship for years to come. Bessie and I have made many great memories and friendships over the last twenty years with FEBE, for which we feel blessed and grateful. Here’s to more!”

Bessie Barrios


Bessie (the “Be” in FEBE) and her sister were born in Athens, Greece, grew up in New Orleans, and would travel back to Chios, Greece every summer to visit relatives. Raised by their mother after the unfortunate passing of their father when the sisters were young, they both began working at 15 and developed a strong motivation inspired by their mother’s strength. The duo — who were always best friends — dreamt as children of one day opening a clothing store, and their dream came true in 2003 on Metairie Road. Prior to founding FEBE, Bessie earned a degree in Business Administration at the University of New Orleans. She and her husband Mark live between New Orleans and New York. Both Bessie and Effie feel that the community of stylists and loyal customers they’ve built through FEBE, coupled with their family story of strength and love, is the reason for their success.

Bessie’s wish for friends of FEBE: “When a customer comes out of the dressing room smiling, you can feel her energy and the whole room vibrates. It’s proof that loving how you look in your outfit changes how you feel. We want to bring the same personalized shopping experience we give our customers in-store to our online shoppers or virtual styling clients.”

“We wish that every customer loves their experience at FEBE. We want to build a friendship for years to come. Bessie and I have made many great memories and friendships over the last twenty years with FEBE, for which we feel blessed and grateful. Here’s to more!”

Effie Boihem , co-founder

Our Team

Sydney Price

creative director

Since 2022, Sydney has been creative director of FEBE, managing the marketing, social media, and print advertisements. Sydney combines her love of fashion and marketing to create a thriving, connected community that is full of excitement and energy. Through our social media channels, Sydney illustrates FEBE’s perspective on global fashion brands and trends. Originally from Illinois, Sydney moved to New Orleans after graduating from the University of Mississippi. She lives with her boyfriend and her Golden Retriever, Clark.

Sydney’s wish for friends of FEBE: “For FEBE clients, my wish is for you to find your own personal style, feel welcomed, have fun, and love what you're wearing. For FEBE’s Instagram followers, I hope women are inspired to try new things and feel connected to current trends — and stop by if you’re in town! (If you post on Instagram, use the hashtag #InMyFEBE to be featured.)” 

Sugar Weil

For 18 years, Sugar has been an important part of FEBE’s story, right from the very start. She knows everyone’s name, knows how to make everyone look fashionable, and FEBE would not be the same without her. Sugar grew up in Baton Rouge and honed her artistic eye studying art at Louisiana State University. She and Bessie worked together at the department store Maison Blanche in New Orleans in the ’90s, and in 2005, just two years after FEBE was founded, Sugar joined the family. Having worked in fashion for over 50 years, her customers — who span generations — have become like friends and family, all of whom get Sugar’s personalized “FEBE experience.” A devoted mother to her son, Reiss, and a foundational part of FEBE, there is truly no one like her.

Sugar’s wish for friends of FEBE: “There is no better feeling than when we find the perfect look that makes the customer feel confident and happy. My wish is for everyone to walk out of FEBE feeling they have the right look for the occasion and they’re happy with their purchase.”

Lacey Monteleone

Lacey initially joined FEBE in 2022 as the model for our Instagram account. She soon became the embodiment of a virtual stylist, putting a voice and face to the FEBE aesthetic, introducing new collections, and translating brands and styling for a rapt social media audience. Our Instagram followers have come to love her eye for fashion and her enthusiastic engagement. Born and raised in Georgia, she lives in New Orleans with her husband and two young children. She holds a degree in early childhood education and spent six years teaching kindergarten in Houston, Texas prior to joining the FEBE team.

Lacey’s wish for friends of FEBE: “For each customer to find the perfect outfits for their wardrobe that make them happy."